All of our shipping is done with the U.S. Postal Service. Anything weighing less than 13 ounces is sent first class mail. Items over 13 ounces are shipped using flat-rate envelopes and boxes. We are able to get approximately 6 to 8 yards of fabric in a flat-rate envelope, depending on how large the fabric cuts are and how many times they have to be folded (for instance, it is far easier to get 6 yards of half-yard cuts in the envelope than a single six yard piece of fabric because the folds add so much bulk).

For U.S. orders that are too large to fit in flat-rate envelopes, we first attempt to use Region A flat-rate boxes. The price for these boxes varies, depending on how far away you are from our location. The price can be anywhere from $4.97 to $8.83. For orders too large for regional boxes, we then use medium flat-rate boxes or large flat-rate boxes. We do our best to keep the shipping price as low as possible, and we only charge exactly what the post office charges us for shipping it to you. You can check the U.S. Postal Service website for current exact rates on flat-rate packages.

For international orders that are too large for a single flat-rate envelope, we usually recommend that we ship your order to you in two to three shipments, since a medium flat-rate box is significantly more expensive than two flat rate envelopes. If you are an international customer participating in one of our block of the month programs, we have to ship your blocks in flat rate envelopes, therefore we recommend that our international customers have their blocks shipped two or three at a time, and sent every other month or every three months, to save on postage fees. If you are an international customer placing an order for a block of the month, please be sure to note your shipping frequency preference on the notes section of your order.

International customers, please be advised that we will not lie on Customs forms regarding the value of the merchandise you are receiving. Customs forms will show the purchase price of your order, not including shipping, and rounded to the nearest dollar.



We accept the following forms of payment:




We are willing to accept most returns, no questions asked. We cannot accept the return of patterns that have been opened or fabric that you have already cut. If you feel you need to return something, please contact the shop first either by phone or email so we can determine the best solution to your problem.

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